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Khan Academy – Math

Khan AcademyPractice math at your own pace with our adaptive assessment environment. You can start at 1 + 1 or jump right into whatever topic needs some brushing up. Each problem is randomly generated, so you never run out of practice material. If you need a hint, every single problem can be broken down, step-by-step, with one click. If you need more help, you can always watch a related video.

Khan Academy – Biology

Khan AcademyCovers topics seen in a first year college or high school biology course.

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Khan Academy – Chemistry

Khan AcademyVideos on chemistry (roughly covering a first-year high school or college course).

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Khan Academy – Physics

Khan AcademyProjectile motion, mechanics and electricity and magnetism.

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Biography Reference Center

Biography Reference Center features more than 450,000 biographies.

Britannica School

Britannica School includes more than 132,000 encyclopedia articles, 103,000 images, 7,500 multimedia elements, more than 27,000 eBooks, and novels and essays. Tools include translation for 50+ languages and read-aloud functionality. Includes Lexile ranges and alignment with Michigan Department of Education Academic Standards across a variety of subjects.


Explora for High School provides hundreds of popular magazines and reference books covering subjects such as art, history, sports, and music.

Explore for Middle School provides magazines and reference books for middle school students. Includes thousands of biographies and primary source documents. Subjects include history, current events, science, sports, and biographies. Also includes photos, maps, and flags.

Read It!

Read It! helps build literacy skills. Includes practice tests.

School Center

School Center focuses on skills improvement in math, writing and grammar, reading comprehension, social studies, and vocabulary and spelling through tests, eBooks, and tutorials. U.S. Constitution study and review, advanced math, and logic available for high school students.

College Admissions Test Preparation

College Admissions Test Preparation provides practice tests and tutorials for ACT®, SAT, 12 AP subjects, PSAT/NMSQT, and TOEFL iBT® exams.

* Database provided by the Michigan eLibrary (MeL)